01Installing Wordpress

Useful links to get you started on Wordpress Installation

After you've installed WordPress and when everything is working fine as it should you need to go over some settings, just to make sure your wordpress is working without any problems.

  • Activate the threaded comments, go to Setings → Discussion and select Enable threaded (nested) comment 5 levels deep.
  • Change permalinks by going to Settings → Permalinks and select “Custom Structure” write /%postname%/ inside the input field, there’s one problem though, some hosts handles these permalink settings differently, when the normal method does not work try to ad this index.php?/%postname%/ or else contact your host for help on this matter. Some hosts may have mod_security options enabled so you need to copy the given code when you save changes for Custom Structure and paste in the ".htaccess" in your wordpress root directory.

That's it for activating and installing wordpress theme and general settings.

02Installing the theme

Our themes uses TimThumb to resize the images.

TimThumb requires the GD library, which is available on many hosting severs with PHP 4.3+ installed. Please set the cache folder permission to 777 if images are not showing after activating theme and setting slider. Still encountering problems with your images, then please visit tim thumb not working topic which was discussed on themeforest forum for help on solving the timthumb issue. If you don't want to use the timthumb then you need to use the appropriate sizes for the post thumbnails and slider images and disable the timthumb option from Energetic → Theme Options → General Tab.

!important Before you begin.

  • Don't look at the front-end of the theme until you finish all the steps and options saved in theme Options Panel.
  • After activating the theme go to theme options and click save changes first to load the default settings for the theme.
  • Just incase you get any error while activating theme, instead of posting on themeforest item comments section drop me an email from my themeforest profile page contact form for an instant support.
  1. Once you download package from themeforest unzip the package. The following folders will be available.

    • Themefiles - themes folder that you need upload in your wordpress themes folder.
    • Resources - all layered psd sources.
    • License - license for the theme.
    • documentation - documentation file for theme installation.
    • Liomagazine.zip - Liomagazine.zip file ready to upload in wordpress themes.

  2. Before you install the theme, make sure your wordpress version is 3.0 or higher. Then upload the latest version from folder "Themefiles" find the latest version as stated in the themeforest item description page, open the folder of the version you want to choose and copy the Liomagazine folder under that folder and upload it to your wordpress themes directory:/wp-content/themes/ through your FTP Client. It should read like wp-content/themes/Liomagazine Not as wp-content/themes/1.0/Liomagazine/
    Do not upload the whole folder of the zip package you downloaded from themeforest.

  3. After uploading to the server make sure you change the permission to 777 for cache folder, which is located in root folder of the theme.

  4. Next Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance → Themes (submenu). After that is done, activate the theme as you do activate other themes.

  5. Once theme is activated you will see the new Menu above the appearance tab which says Theme Options. Click on it to goahead and save changes for the theme options to load default settings for the theme.

03Navigation/Menu Setup

Liomagazine user wp default navigation, you can use WordPress's Custom Navigation Menu system.

  • Go to wp-admin > Appearance > Menus and create top menu then assign the menu locations and then add your menu items to the Menu's
  • Theme uses 2 Menu which appears one in top navigation which is primary menu and Categories Menu blew Header. see images below

Just in case if you feel difficult anywhere below is the useful resources. Function Reference/wp nav menu

04Setup Main Options

Liomagazinehas Advanced Theme Options Click on it to goahead and save changes for the theme options.

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Main Options Tab .
    • Upload Custom Logo Image
    • Upload Custom Favicon
    • Enable or Disable Responsive Layout
    • Enable or Disable News Ticker in Home
    • Add Additional Scripts in Header or Footer if you have.

05Frontpage Content Layout

Liomagazine - Uses page functionality for the frontpage which will be easy to use frontpage as a page. Go to theme options panel under Homepage tab then look for Homepage Content Select option where you can use the page to display on the homepage below the slider. Check the image below

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Styling Tab .
    • Choose Your Theme Width
    • Choose Your Skin
    • Choose General Background Image or Background Color
    • Add Custom CSS if you hav

06Homepage Layout Options

Liomagazine use custom sidebar generator option on Liomagazine -> Custom Sidebars, Create the sidebars you want to have in the theme, see image below.

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Home Tab .
    • Display Blog in Home or Use Home Layout Manager
      • in Home Layout Manager Drag & Drop Boxs which you want in Enabled Tab. Check the image below

07Featured Slider Options

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Featured Posts Tab .
    • Select Category for Featured Posts
    • Type how many Featured Posts do you want to show on the Slider.

08Carousel Slider Options

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Carousel Tab .
    • Select to show posts in Carousel Posts.
    • Type how many Carousel items do you want to show on the homepage.

9Home Bews Boxs & Tabs

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Big boxs , Small boxs and News Tabs Tap.
    • Drag & Drop Boxs which you want in Enabled Tab. Check the image below
    • Select Box Style & Box Category for Big Boxs and Box Category For Small Boxs
    • in News in tabs Select Categories fot tab and Type Title.

10Ad Banners

Manage Ad Banners

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Banners Tap.
    • Select to enable/disable the Banners
    • Upload or past the URL for your Images for Banners
    • Add a Link Banner
    • Add a Alt ,Title to Banner

11Post Elements Setup

Manage Post Elements

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Post Elements Tap.
    • Enable/Disable Feature Image Into Post
    • Enable/Disable Next/Prev Post
    • Enable/Disable Related Posts
    • Enable/Disable Author Info Box
    • Manage Post Meta
      • Enable/Disable Post Meta
      • Enable/Disable Author Meta
      • Enable/Disable Date Meta
      • Enable/Disable Category Meta
      • Enable/Disable Comments Meta
      • Enable/Disable Tags Meta
    • Manage Share Buttons
      • Enable/Disable Post Share Buttons
      • Enable/Disable Google+ Button
      • Enable/Disable Tweet Button
      • Add Twitter Username
      • Enable/Disable Facebook Like Button
      • Enable/Disable Digg share Button

12Backup and Restore Options

Backup and Restore Theme Options

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Theme Options
  • Click the Backup Tap.
    • Backup and Restore Options
      • You can use the two buttons below to backup your current options, and then restore it back at a later time. This is useful if you want to experiment on the options but would like to keep the old settings in case you need it back.
    • Transfer Theme Options Data
      • You can tranfer the saved options data between different installs by copying the text inside the text box. To import data from another install, replace the data in the text box with the one from another install and click "Import Options".

13Custom Sidebars

The sidebar, also known as the menu, is a narrow vertical column often jam-packed with lots of information about a website. Found on most WordPress sites, the sidebar is usually placed on the right or left-hand side of the web page, though in some cases, a site will feature two sidebars, one on each side of the main content where your posts are found. This tutorial examines some of the information items and features generally found in the sidebar. After reading this article you'll feel more comfortable in adding or changing the content of your own sidebar.

Liomagazine - have Unlimited Sidebars you can Add more Sidebars for your website and Customize.

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Widgets
    • In 'Add Sidebar' Block .. add your sidebar name and click Add button.
    • Now you can assign your Custom sidebar to posts , page .

14Custom Widgets

Liomagazine - have more Custom Widgets

  • Login to Wordpress Admin
  • Click Widgets
    • Drag & Drop Widgets which you want in Sidebar Box.
    • More Custom Widgets
  • Ads 125*125
  • Ads 300*250
  • Recent Comments With Avatars
  • Posts in images
  • Social Counter
  • Videos Widget
  • Menual Author Info
  • Author Widget into Post
  • Latest By Author into Post
  • Latest From Category
  • List from Category
  • Category List Widget
  • Multi-Category Widget
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Flickr Widget
  • Latest Posts With Thumb
  • Login Widget
  • Newsletter
  • Custom Tabbed Widget
  • Twitter Follow Button
  • Latest Twitts


Shortcodes make it simple to insert elements like buttons, boxes, columns etc. without any knowledge how to code HTML. Shortcodes work in posts and pages .

  • Columns
  • Dropcap
  • Tooltip (4 directions)
  • Divider
  • buttons (unlimited customization)
  • boxes (unlimited customization)
  • tabs
  • accordion
  • Google Maps
  • Lists
  • Videos (Youtube, vimeo, dailymotion)
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Clear
  • Quote
  • highlight

19Sources & Credits

Thanks so much to

None of the images in the demo are included inside the download package.
Photos used in the demo site from :Rich_00_ © All Rights Reserved

All Done!


Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, For registering into forums you need to email me from my themeforest profile page contact form in sidebar by that i can verify your purchase of the item and can grant you the access to the forums where you can post all your queries related to my items.